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Thanks again for the suggestions on improving the design. They really help make one think better.
Originally Posted by Piszpan View Post
Now, if I use the lower button ("Bank right"), banks cycle in order 1-2-3.
But if I use the upper button ("Bank left"), they cycle in order 1-3-2.
This cycle order is intentional. Think of the banks as being on the [wheel] of a [bi]cycle. Imagine the banks layed out 1-2-3-1... in a continuous cycle. One can then go around the wheel in either direction and always get to the bank needed in the quickest route of just a single key press.

Originally Posted by Piszpan View Post
Also, I think that it would be more intuitive if:
virtual Bank 1 = upper LED lit
virtual Bank 2 = both LEDs lit
virtual Bank 3 = lower LED lit

This convention is used e.g. to indicate active octave on MIDI controller keyboards (both LEDs mean we're at center, while one LED means we're either left or right from the center position). I am used to this convention and I believe it would be more intuitive also to other users here.
This convention has got me thinking and imagining the MIDIMIX bank buttons rotated through 90 degrees.... The layout at the minute is intentional where the bank LEDs follows a binary pattern (which they must do to represent the 4 states with just two LEDs) in counting order.
mixer Mode = neither LED lit = 00
virtual Bank 1 = lower LED lit = 01
virtual Bank 2 = upper LED lit = 10
virtual Bank 3 = both LEDs lit = 11
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