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That's a really good list JM!

This section is certainly not limited to Ambisonics but the idea is to keep things primarily focussed on any format that is true 3D or can work in conjunction with 3D formats.

5.1, 7.1 and such formats are really 2D (width and depth) but some of the tools are definitely useful for adding such material to a 3D format so discussion in that context, IMHO, is valuable here.

The trend these days seems to be heading away from traditional surround formats such as 5.1 with the big players such as Dolby pushing object based formats with full 3D capability.
Clearly, 5.1, 7.1 etc isn't going away any time soon though. The average Joe who has an interest in home theatre for example probably has a difficult enough time with the extra speakers these formats require and the thought of configuring a home setup with Dolby Atmos would probably be too daunting.

Even so, those of us actually creating content now have many options for full 3D and it really isn't that much more involved than doing a 5.1 mix in most cases. I personally have no desire to go back to mixing in 5.1 or stereo now that I have a solid Ambisonic workflow that is fully backwards compatible.
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