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Originally Posted by Fergler View Post
Can we have both? Bars are nicer for certain things, and cleaner to draw if you have a very square response in mind.
In my opinion the bars in general aren't very nice way to represent midi CC-data. The new lollipop style with clear handle and indication of instantaneous value is very very good compared to the old bar style.

CC is just an instantaneous value, it doesn't have length in time, thus when the bars (they had width) were close together, they started to overlap and that made them a bit cumbersome to use.

Especially if I had chords, the different velocities were overlapping and it was a bit of a nightmare to see where those overlapping velocities were to grab the right one to edit.

Or if I had multiple channels visible at once etc.

I like to clearly see the area of the event handle where by I can grab the event to edit it. The bars have never been very intuitive in that regard.

That being said, I wouldn't enjoy editing CC-64 for example as a square envelope (I play a lot of piano) but lollipop graph would be very nice and intuitive.

So I hope you can always have those lollipops there in some way to edit the events

I think that the "envelope view" should just be an abstraction in those times when you need it to make things simpler and easier. Basically one could click "show as an envelope" or something and then you could be able to edit the envelope and you could see a transparent ghost image of the lollipops behind that envelope that it creates (if you wish). In a sense all envelopes would be kind of automation items where they start from time x and end at y and outside that you could still have those simple lollipops to edit to your hearts content

If you then go and edit a single event after drawing that envelope, REAPER could just create a "step" in that envelope that would correspond to the singular event that doesn't for example follow that linear ramp you just drew at the envelope view.

And vice versa, if you draw e.g a linear envelope on top of existing events, then they would get overdrawn with new ones according to that envelope etc.

The one that was last touched/done would dominate.
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