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If they are set to square, they basically are no different. They are still distinct events, just as our old bars were. The handling of them needs to get back on par with what we had before though, or anyone dealing with recorded CC (or just preferring the ordinary "many-events approach" generally) will suffer. Apart from modifiers not working as expected (yet) it's at the moment harder to select single events than before.

And if several channels are existing on the same lane at the same time it's visually not as good as it could be. The active channel needs to be up front. At the moment they seem to be drawn in reversed channel order (lowest channel at front), or something like that and the fill colors seem to get mixed where they overlap.

Muted events are in no way indicated as of yet, too.

I think that's all stuff that can be solved. As long as old style editing doesn't suffer, I think both CC and automation editing can benefit from this development.
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