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Having Automation items in the cc area would be great because you can save the shape as a preset and use it to other Automations items.
However i would prefer if few things were added that would make them much more powerful for the arrangement or cc area.

1) When we save a preset with our shape and load it into an AI, to become the lfo shape of the AI as the native ones (Parametric,Triangle,Saw,Square or our preset of the shape we saved)
With this way we could use the parameters such as Phase,Amp skew,Cycles,Freq skew for any shape!

2) Also when we load our preset,the shape should be at the same length with the AI.
Right now if i save a shape from an AI that has length 16th,if i draw another AI with a bar length and load the shape from the AI that had 16th length, it divides and loops the AI 4 times so four times our shape instead of one at a bar length.

3) It would be very flexible to draw shapes just like Studio one or Cubase examples, if we had a click n drag mouse modifier that could paint-duplicate Automation Items depending on grid.

Edit: Or instead of the 3rd option,it would be great if we had a menu with shapes to paint them inside Automation items just like this example.
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