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Originally Posted by pbattersby View Post
I would happily use the MIDI CC lanes in the Track Envelope Area if I could get recorded MIDI CC curves to stop fighting with the live position of my MOD wheel when I'm not even actively recording (play head isn't moving). I've tried a couple plugins that are supposed to help with that problem but have not been able to get it to work right.

Within the MIDI editor, if I've previously recorded some notes and some MIDI CC in the MIDI item I'm editing I can still move the MOD wheel and the live MOD wheel value gets used so I can continue to play my MIDI controller and experiment with the section of the music I'm working on. In the Track Envelope Area, there is a battle between the recorded MIDI CC values and the live MOD wheel setting and the recorded MIDI CC values always win. If that were fixed, I'd be using the Track Envelope Area for all MIDI CC recording and editing.
Therein lies the difference. Track envelopes use host automation, which is a bidirectional protocol by definition. MIDI CCs aren't bidirectional, which is why there's no fighting. There's nothing to fix, if you have host automation it IS supposed to work like that.
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