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Reaper v1.32

Problems (tested in v1.32):
SpaceBoy FreEQ - Crashes Reaper (white windows).

Works Fine (tested in v1.28):
PLParEQ3 *
PSP MasterQ
Elemental - Eqium, Firium, IXL Stereo Analyzer
Kjaerhus - GEQ-7, Classic EQ
Voxengo LF-Punch, LF-Max, Soniformer, OvertoneGEQ, SPAN, HarmoniEQ, CurveEQ, Transmodder, GlissEQ
AIXcoustic - Electri-Q
BetaBugs - PhaseBug
TritoneDigital - Hydratone
IQ4GUI, IIEQ, T-Racks EQ, Sonalksis SV517, Ozone3 (only tried the EQ and Stereo Width in Reaper), Pushtec

ED: I used Eliosound demo (everything else reported is licensed) which has a demo limitation - doesn't save settings!
[Eliosound AirEQ - forgets settings in between sessions.]

*ED: Oops - Reaper v1.32 crashed when I undocked PLParEQ3 at he wrong time while Reaper was playing. Other than some small window I can undock PLParEQ3 and it sounds fine.

ED-ED: Well I'm getting the idea here - it looks like it's not so smart to dock/unlock, add/remove certain(?) plugins while Reaper v1.32 is playing. Save often if you do!

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