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Originally Posted by nomidi View Post
"I'm trying to set up a vst vocoder with internal carrier signal, for example Voctopus,
I put Voctopus as an insert for an audio vocal track and create a midi track. I route the midi track's send to the vocal track. All I get is the vocal track muted. I've tested different i/o combinations with no success.

I've set up mda's vocoder (with external carrier) and Talkbox with VocInput succesfully.

So the question is: am I doing something wrong, or is Voctopus broken, or is this a missing feature in Reaper (I doubt)?"
I don't think Voctopus is going to work in REAPER. The manual specifically states that it was only ever tested in Cubase, and it seems to rely on the Cubase way of routing in order to work.

I downloaded and tried it, and there doesn't seem to be a way to select the Mod or Carrier inputs - unless you're using Cubase.


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