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Originally Posted by Art Evans
Seems ok here, though possibly there's a bit of the "overhang" problem I mentioned in another thread (tail of the reverb at the point where you stop playback is repeated at the point where you start playback).

I don't think this has anything to do with reverb tails as it does it with completely dry tracks. It seems there are a few plugs that don't do it at all like the Kjaerhus effects, Digitalfishphones Endorphin and Blockfish, and the native Jesusonic stuff.

It is kind of odd that the plugs that really have trouble running at all like Sir tend to go completely batshit when I mess with the effect's in/out checkbox.

Maybe it's something with my system as I have had a lot of trouble with asio4all than most people do but most of these plugs I'm having trouble with in Reaper have worked fine for me in Adobe Audition.

My last try with asio4all was with 2.6 as some here have said that is better than the current version, this resulted in Reaper's Preferences/Devices screen being completely greyed out and eventually crashing altogether.

I don't know maybe I just need to go back to Audition and my Edirol driver. I like Reaper a lot but there are too many plugs that don't work with Reaper for me and the native effects tend to be a bit clunky.

While I'm whining... I'm getting timed out of this forum quite frequently lately, getting asked to log back in and having to rewrite messages.
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