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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Could you post an example of the code that can manipulate window positions? I miss the way Windows programs remember their positions, and had to use margins to achieve a similar desktop to what I used in Windows.
XFCE's Window Manager app has built-in shortcuts for "Tile window to the top", "Tile window to the bottom-right", etc. I've got my number pad (will never buy a laptop without one ) mapped so Win + 7 puts a window in the top left, etc.

It also has a bunch for moving windows to other workspaces, switching workspaces, etc.

The two things it DOESN'T have that I need are:
- Move window to the next monitor.
- Tile window to the right third of screen, the left two-thirds of the screen etc. On a 1920 screen I can comfortably fit two columns of code with the right third free for a terminal or my browser's dev tools, but I have to manually drag them there.

There are a couple of CLI tools that are really handy here - xdotool and wmctrl. I found this script earlier that solves the first of my issues, and I've been working on a script for the second but it gets really tricky trying to account for taskbars - mostly just because I'm godawful at Bash.
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