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Everything is loaded, running and authorized thanks to IK support. The instructions posted by Kevin came after I finished but they are pretty much right on. My final frustration was registering CSR. The only difference from the instructions for me was for some reason I did not have a "Legacy" option under the Products dropdown. What I did have was "MultiBox Product". When I selected this Guitar Center multibox and others showed up. When I followed this route I was able to match the serial and digital ID and get the right authorization code. I did mess around a bit last night with T-Racks and have to say it is pretty cool. I am going to compare some Masters that I have done with freeware and T-Racks and see what results. I am not a guru by any means, but know the critical importance of good mastering. Final note, I really did not intend to open a big can of whoop-ass on IK Multimedia, and ultimately they did resolve the issue, but as you can tell it was pretty frustrating.
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