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Originally Posted by msmucr View Post
Hi Mister,

check SWS extensions and its action S&M "Arm all active envelopes for selected tracks", and of course disarm one.
And with plugins it shouldn't be necessary, if you switch track automation mode to touch, write or latch mode.. Any plugin control change, will be automatically written to corresponding automation lane. Without activating parameter first. That is, how i use it.
Also check action "FX: Show/hide track envelope for last touched FX parameter", it can be mapped to keystroke and elegantly used for quick adding of new automation lane for last touched plugin control when you are working in standard trim/read automation mode.

Thank you so much, Michal. It was one of those moments where I thought I'd tried everything and was getting thoroughly confused (as I was pretty sure it couldn't be so hard to record some automation), but must have only tried this mode when something else wasn't right because when I got chance to try again (just now), latch mode works like a charm!

Thanks again.
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