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Originally Posted by Mister36 View Post
Thank you so much, Michal. It was one of those moments where I thought I'd tried everything and was getting thoroughly confused (as I was pretty sure it couldn't be so hard to record some automation), but must have only tried this mode when something else wasn't right because when I got chance to try again (just now), latch mode works like a charm!

Thanks again.
You are welcome. I'm glad it works for you.
Just small hint for automation (maybe you already know it), which i usually toggle according to situation.
There is setting in Preferences/Editing Behavior/Automation ->
"Add transition point when recording automation while playback is stopped"

This controls, whether automation curve between new point and last point is straight line, or there is automatically created step right before new point.
Straight line is great for instance, when you create smooth transition between sections or smooth panoramas with ReaSurround and it will save you deletion of one point. Contrary step is good, when is suitable to change some parameter right at one moment.. eg. start of chorus in song.

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