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Originally Posted by DigiDis View Post
You really should try to make it to a big music store and try them all. You will be surprised. I wanted an Akai MPK but when I tried a Novation Impulse I fell in love with the action of the keys and never looked back. Unfortunately there is no one overall best so you need to find out which is your personal best.
Unfortunately there are nothing besides Axioms and Novation Launchkeys that I can try out locally, everything else has to be ordered.
I've read other people enthused about Novation keys.

What about the Novation Remote 61 SL MKII, I wonder if it has the same keys that the Impulse has. I like the layout better. Might not be worse, since it's higher priced. Has LED rings around the encoders to indicate position etc.

One thing that I've started to second guess, are the encoders in general.
So far I've always thought they would be the way to go, because potentiometers don't reflect the actual position of the arbitrary controls.
But recently I've read that it could be inconvenient to do fast filter cutoff adjustments for an example, since depending on the encoders you might need to do several times 360 before you get from 0 to 127.
What has your experience been?

Originally Posted by Softshell View Post
Last thing. The OP says he's going from a 49 key to a 61 key. I find myself feeling cramped with 49 keys at this point (knew I would sooner than later). I guess I'm thinking here that I'd be less concerned about how much space the unit needs than the amount of space ** I ** need to work it. My 0.02.
I just have limited desk space, but if needed be, I could probably come up with a different arrangement.

Originally Posted by ReaperMadness View Post
You could always get one like this:
This pic isn't mine but, but my Xk is still going strong since I got it in '85(?).
Not seeing an image here. Jaguar XK?
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