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Default Ok, check in guys/gals

Ok, we have a sticky thread - which can't be bad.

Check in please, the UK people and let us know what you do etc.

I'm Mike from N/W Leicester. At the moment I'm a project manager for an IT company - though not for much longer - and spend my spare time happily recording and producing my band's music.

I've got a very minimalist set-up and I'm still delighted by what can be achieved with very little gear and other people's talents. I use a Behringer FCA202 interface, Peavey bass, Westbury guitar (which, ahem, I borrowed from a friend 20 years ago and still haven't given back) and I use a Tascam 488 as a desk which is noisy enough to make me thank goodness for ReaFir subtraction mode each time I turn it on.

At the moment I'm bashing my way through an album's worth of material creating a rehearsal CD - some of which is on REAPER radio. From my stuff on REAPER FM you'd probably think I am a guitarist - but actually that has a lot to do with Cut & Paste recording Ltd and I'm thinking of bribing stratman to move a bit further north...

Oh - and thanks to our 8 yr old I just love the Grimm Adventures of Billy & Mandy

Mike Lacey, Leicestershire, UK

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