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Cancer and my name is Larry, huh
And I like a woman that loves everything and everybody
And you know what ladies, . . .


No .. er sorry .. er .. I'm Spike, bassplayer, used to be in bands and made a couple of records in another lifetime.

Didn't play for ages then picked it back up again, mainly because of the home computer/hard drive recording revolution.

Still don't find nearly enough time for it what with working and having two children but picked a cheap mandolin recently and have been playing with that. Currently do stuff for my own frustration in Reaper with my Alesis IO26 and EZDrummer and also play mandolin in a funny little folk trio at a funny little folk club in Forest Gate (East London).

Darren, I find the IO26 to be terrific but the input gain is not as high as on other units - doesn't bother me but there you are. You'll no doubt have had a scout around the other options.

Oh, and I'm not sure if this means I can't be in the gang or not but I don't live in Leicester.

Lastly please see sig for skill level
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