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Default awful hard to care

ometimes you're payin
sometimes you're playin
sometimes yu draw to a pair
sometimes you're shirkin
sometimes you're workin
sometimes you're not even there
and sometimes it's awful hard to care

sometimes you're lyin
sometimes you're spyin
sometimes you just do not dare
sometimes you're tryin
sometimes you're dyin
sometimes there's nothing to spare
and sometimes it's awful hard to care


ometimes you eat the bear
sometimes the bear eats you
sometimes you whine sometimes you cry
sometimes that's all you do


sometimes you're buyin
sometimes you're flyin
sometimes you hang in midair
sometimes you're winnin
sometimes lyou're losin
and sometimes it just isnt fair
and sometimes it's awful hard to care

sometimes it's awful damn hard to care

a couple things, here... this is an old song, but I couldn't remember the words except "sometimes it's awful hard to care"... seems like the old words were better...

if anyone has any ideas for improving the words, please post them so I can plug them in before I record this

I've got music, but if yu want to make your own music, do it

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