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I'm Nev and I worked in the DSS computer centre in Reading before throwing in my job one drunken night to play jazz guitar instead. I got tired of ICL mainframes running under George 3, then discovered Charlie Parker and made two albums, plus loads of tv music, then became an alcoholic, in true jazz style. Wish me luck on Monday, I have an interview to try to get in rehab for the nth time. Cheers all. Oh, and now I live in Plymouth, where they all say 'Ooh arr, moiy dear, where be that to then? moiy luvver?' Hey, stratman, your showband is very cool. I've got a 30 year old strat, and a Gibson Les Paul Custom, which both need expensive refrets, so I just bought a Squire strat, which is surprisingly good. Very cool looking too, natural alder finish, nice sound.
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