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Originally Posted by -R- View Post
First time it happens in more than 3 years, and I think I don't like it at all...
Whenever I change something in my preferences, click apply and ok, Reaper will only remember my preferences until I exit the software. Next time I launch it, all my changes are gone.

It happens with both Reaper 4.78 and 4.75. I'm on windows 8.1.

I tried to import my configuration and import it, I tried to uninstall and reinstall the soft, no luck.

Is there a better way to clean my install?
Any other ideas or experience?

Thanks a lot!

If you want to do a clean install, you need to delete the items in the apps folder, which by default is hidden. It can be made visible.
I installed reaper on my winbook 10.1 tablet which runs windows 8.1, I have no problems with it saving my settings. I do not use the so called win 8 start menu I run everything from the desktop. You can make win 8.1 boot to the desktop rather than that horrible start menu.
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