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Those scripts look like they could be very useful, thanks! They could offer a way to switch layout independently of fader colour, is that right?

On another note, I still don't think I know what you were referring to that I changed, I actually changed probably a hundred things with the last update but didn't think they were worth mentioning. ... maybe the left and right dual pan colours? Those have been that way for awhile though.

Originally Posted by electricthing View Post
Great theme, thanks.
I have one question, I searched preferences and manual, can't find it.

It's about track layout; I want to use as default;

Track Panel; Default TCP (vertical meters)
I find these meters easier to read.

When I set it at 'set track layout' it switches back later when I go to the mixer and then go back to arrangement window.
Only way to keep it is to select all tracks in a project, change it and save the project. But all new tracks will have to be redone again.
Originally Posted by Commala View Post
Actually I was just checking this out, and it seems like a namespace issue. Reaper doesn't remember the default layout assignment (the one that newly created tracks will be automatically set to) if the layout name begins with a space. As in this theme which uses " Default TCP (vertical meters)" and " Default MCP (pan at bottom)" etc, in order to place those layouts first in the menu.
Updated both versions of the theme - renamed these layouts, got rid of the space. This will affect screensets and actions set to target these layouts by name, and that sort of thing, but now they will be correctly remembered.

Added walter that prevents meter from disappearing when resizing the mixer all the way down, thereby preventing this bug:
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