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Originally Posted by Never View Post
I have written a tutorial for theming
and graphical work specific to area
of toolbar icons. It is packaged
with 4500 icons and can be found at the
stash. Stay tuned for link. I am also
working on a guide for everything
meter related, all VU's, and the MCP
send meters. It's in production and
I will post a thread when it is
finished. Besides the WALTER guide,
there is a large SDK,
a document entitled 'The power of pink', and
various blogs, videos, etc.
Have you tried using the search
feature of this forum to find answers?
It is over ten years old..(the forum).
beyond that I suggest looking at
the 'making a REAPER theme' sticky
at the top of the forum, then doing
the read along exercise in the guide.

Capitalization in my post
is to denote an acronym, not
being cocky.
Nice thanks alot!!

I will wait for this while continuing to learn
Yesterday I managed to change mcp label color and move items around. Also was able ti make disappear items in my default 5.0 session mixer. I feel more optimistic now

My challenge is to center the vu meter with the fader; remove the mcp track height that is unused since I removed some items I dont need when mixing. Finally add custom buttons for havibg Trim/read/write automation modes to choose on every track rather than only one button.

Looking forward to learning more
Alex | | Thanks for REAPER
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