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Would you mind considering to put also the entries I mentioned in post 390 into this template (leaving out the theme element finder, of course, of which you already said, it would be tricky to implement)?

BTW: in German we have quite similar problems, although not that extreme.

For instance:
Run web server on port:
... is in German:
Web-Server verwenden auf Port:
... but this is very bad German.
Correctly translated it would be:
Web-Server auf Port <inputmask> verwenden:
So "Web-Server auf Port" and "verwenden:" should be two different strings, including the option to place the latter one on the right hand side of the inputmask. There are quite a number of entries that should be split into two or more strings to get a better German, especially if there is an inputmask, but to nail them right now is (at least) a bit cumbersome.
(But I reckon, I should work on my English first )

I have to say that this pic is really awesome:

German Language Pack for REAPER? Get it here! ... Donate? Yeah!! | Are you nuts? | Maybe
Deutsche Sprachdatei für REAPER? Hier zu haben! ... Spenden? Klar! | Spinnst wohl!? | Vielleicht

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