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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Glad you like JSFX, thanks for making such great scripts!
Thanks to Reaper, thanks to all jsfx/lua script authors! For many years nobody needs Steinzeitdaws like Cubase any more, where you have to download some GB or TB (now), for some updates? Alone the fact Reaper having all internal features open in the form of actions is fantastic. This is why genious developers like saike can create new .lua scripts like hackey trackey and hackey patterns, which can access all those million Reaper actions, also directly from those new interfaces, in this example the magic jeskola buzz tracker interface, which is the best tracker interface of all time. Reapers open philosophy + another genious entering the scene, saike, brings another century result, bringing the 90s music making style directly into the heart of Reaper. Now, why should someone say, no I want to download a few GB for some nonsense tiny updates for a Steinzeit DAW like Cubase? Or next day, another genious knocks at the door, telling, hey I made ReEQ, ReSpectrum, here, have fun. Wowy, mowy. Next day, saike is bored, knocking, telling, hey I made some experiments with filters, Filther, here, have fun. Wowy, mowy. The islands of Cubase/ProTools getting more and more lonely. The sinking islands. The next film in the cinema, showiing 90 mins, Cubase users downloading 10 GB downloads for updating for tiny changes, nobody wanted. Like Windows, you want to switch off your computer, OS starting some nonsense updates, telling you have to wait... No. Linux.

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