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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Volume turned down works just as it does on passives on these. I also have active EMGs in my Schecter and passives in my LP and Washburn, I know what you mean by volume turned down scenarios - the volume knob actually affects the response of the guitar (and Tone knob does sound differently at different volume levels, as it should), it's not just a "master volume" control like on a lot of EMGs, where it just has this amped, buffered, often clipped signal from the get go, and just turns that down.

Alas, I have no fuzz pedal to check it out. But indeed that might not work with them. Not sure, haven't tried

To summarize, I think Fishman did an absolutely kickass job with their Fluence design. Best pickups ever (not just for Strat). I can have higher gain tones with my Strat without a noise gate - there's no hum, and the actual noise is at extremely low levels. It really obviates the need of using a noise gate. It is bliss.
Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
That's a good point... Fuzzes kind of suck unless it's the first thing the guitar plugs into and is a hi-z guitar PU - because the guitar is sort of part of the fuzz circuit. Not even plugins can properly replicate that sudden clean up and getting brighter when turning the vol knob down on the guitar, aka real fuzz because they can't react to the impedance changes as the knob turns. Plugins can do a decent job of replicating a full on fuzz to an extent but much of fuzz goodness is that guitar/pedal interaction.

I've been seriously thinking of getting pre-wired set of Fluence but being a fuzz fan, this sort of deal-breaks it a tiny bit.
On this...

I came across a pretty involved run through Joe Gore did. While they were really impressive, he breaks down the issue with actives and certain fuzz pedals near the end of the video(just after 11:00). Maybe I came across this already, and it was tucked away in the back of my mind? Anyway, that one thing seems like it could be a pretty serious issue for a certain cross section of players. Other than that, I was very impressed.

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