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With passive pickups when you roll back the volume you lose alot of high end.
Well now we are up to two strikes, because if I'm reducing volume, I want the highs to tuck just a bit, this actually works in ones favor much of the time in getting things out of the way YMMV. I put treble bleed circuits in my guitars when I was younger, then years later ripped them all out.


This is because fuzzes are very sensitive to the output impedance of your guitar.
It may be semantics but I'd word it the other way, the fuzz doesn't have a sufficient hi-z input so it loads down the guitar (where other pedals have buffers to present hi-z) - when passive, it's also not necessarily bad to say the guitar and the fuzz together comprise the circuit.
If it requires a null test to find it, it is by definition minuscule.

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