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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
I knew there were converter gadgets like those, but I'd still be leery and every time something acted up I'd always suspect an adapter. In the early days of SATA I built my kid a machine, but it didn't have enough legacy IDE ports so I had to use a SATA to PATA adapter. While it did work, every time his computer did something weird I always wondered if some data got mangled by that adapter. Not long after building that machine, I got him a SATA drive.
LOL the biggest conspiracy theory in the day was going from PCIX to PCIE; And oh ya there is a shortage of 1gb ram video cards. More conjecture than anything else.. But you know if you can get the PCIE running on PCI board... you can get real good Dual Xeon PCs all day long from $5 to 15 (they are circa 2000-2005) There is still some interesting things you can do with PCI. You crack me up. RLOL
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