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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
FWIW, I have a startech pci/pcie converter, it works fine with my rme hdsp card. I tried another adapter too, which didn't work at all.
If it has active electronics I would think it would have to introduce some additional latency. If OTOH it's just wires with no electronics that connects PCIe slot pins to PCI slot pins then I would think it could achieve zero latency.

That said, I read a post on another forum today where the poster said he could use the next smaller buffer size reliably when connected to a PCIe StarTech USB adapter but had to go the next smaller buffer size when using the motherboard USB.

That almost makes me want to spend $16 on Amazon to see if there is any truth to that. He was using a Behringer UMC1820 like I just bought, but also doing the same tests with a Focusrite unit.

Is motherboard USB slower than a PCIe base USB card in general, or would you think there would be any difference?
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