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Some folks don't care about fancy UIs, but for me using something that looks like real gear I've used, makes operating it feel more at home than a page full of sliders...
And (just like real hardware), nice UIs make plug-ins sound better too, as we all know

The Linux version uses Xlib and the only problem I got with it
in reaper is that when you close the GUI you will get a "Gdk-WARNING gdk_window_set_user_time called on non-toplevel"...
The error message mentioned is, I think, completely normal - I get that with my plug-ins (which also use an XLib toolkit) when run in Reaper too - I always assumed it was just a Reaper thing (GTK / Gdk is quite verbose and likes to assert things quite a lot too).
(And you absolutely should be using just a native X11 based UI toolkit for VST2 plug-ins on Linux Don't even consider using GTK, Qt etc for plug-in UIs)

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