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Originally Posted by dldoodler View Post
A little video where you can get a clue of some functions in the toolbar: (I will make more complete stuff when I get all the code stuff together..)
OK, I checked out the video and really like some of the cool things I saw, especially the ability to auto tweak parameters via envelope. I don't know what I'd use that for yet, but I'm sure it will be cool. It's a lot like REAPER's parameter modulation but native to the plugin and self contained.

Is the HF control pre or post compression? It's a nice touch either way. And lastly, could you possible post what the times are for the Time Constant? Great plugin and thanks again for sharing it.

Also I'm noticing now how when I try to make it clip, it is less prone to do it with the drive cranked up, similar to tape saturation. I'm really liking what I'm getting out of this.
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