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Originally Posted by mike@overtonedsp View Post
And (just like real hardware), nice UIs make plug-ins sound better too, as we all know
Like I told another member of the forum earlier, I have years and years of experience with real hardware compressors, so an interface like your plugins and this new one are for me what I call "At a Glance" controls. I can instantly SEE if I have something set wrong with old school rotary looking GUI elements, just by their orientation.

Not so much with something like this. This is the same plugin that has the easy to see what's going on GUI when reduced to a bunch of sliders. Functionally, it's identical, but I'd never in a million years use it if it looked like that because I can't *see* what's going on with it when it has no familiarity or uniqueness on key controls so they stand out over the others.

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