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Well I am glad that stuff do not crash for a start.

"And (just like real hardware), nice UIs make plug-ins sound better too, as we all know "

Yup.. I am a sucker for fancy GUI:s and am totally aware about the fact that
the sound should not be influenced by the eyes but I like to be inspired visually too... but the GUI for me is always the last thing I do so the sound
is always in focus while I experiment "by ear".

The only thing I havent managed to get working in Reaper yet is to get the parameter view to update when you for instance move the A/B slider where the rest should update on the fly. (the good old Chainer on Windows does this)

Ohh yeah... the "A/B" button if you right click and drag up/down will
seamlessly move from A to B....

"Is the HF control pre or post compression?"

It is pre compressor and post the drive stage.

"And lastly, could you possible post what the times are for the Time Constant?"

A bit difficult since I tweak by ear and the code is very dependant on the audio signal so for me I see it as "faster to slower" recovery time.

"This looks great! Any chance of a MacOS version? "

Mac is the only platform that I have never worked on so far so since I got no Mac I would have to say.. sorry.. nope.

I will do a future video about the toolbar section that will be an all future plugins.

You can sample accurate control parameters with:

"ENV" use the input signal to the plugin to control a parameter.
(the first parameter to the left "name" if you left click and drag to the
top you can select "Input Enevlope [int]" as in "internal parameter" and
select the update interval in "ms" , the "arrow" is direction and the
percentage influence (up to 999%) where the symbol before the percentage will turn on/off the parameter.

"NOTE" control the parameter by midi note. to make it easy jut press "LEARN"
and it will wait for the next midi input note.

"CC" controller message

"A/B" here you can link the parameters to the state of the "A/B" button.
So if you want for instance to trigger the "B" state with an input signal
or midi message then automate the "A/B" button and then group the parameters
you want to "A/B" to define the state of an "on" when hit.

the "dot" is so you can select "replace" or "+" to add to current value.

the "Preset/Global" button is if you want the same set of parameters
for all presets (global) or individual settings for each preset.

The slider to the right of "recall" is the "dry/wet" slider where
you can bypass the plug by clicking on the "speaker" to the left.
The slider is internally sample accurate between dry/wet signal.
It can also be automated as "mix". so if you want to kind of "sidechain"
the signal then just set up the compressor and "duck" the sound by
programming a midi track that will control the "mix" slider.

The "copy/past/recall" buttons got different functions depending on
if you got the parameters up or not. (you open parameters by clicking the "midi symbol" to the left (and right click to disable env/midi input) )

If the menu is closed then you can copy/paste the current preset to another one.

If the parameters are open then you copy/paste/recall the current parameter.
(or if you hold down the "CTRL" key when "paste" you can paste all the copied parameters to a preset.

if you right click on the "LEARN" button then you get "SELECT" mode where you can click on an automated parameter in the GUI to select it directly in
the parameter view.

Some hints for a start....


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