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Originally Posted by dldoodler View Post

Found myself migrating to Linux recently and took the plunge trying to
convert stuff to native .so format.

I believe I got something that could be checked out.

A compressor with a tiiny La2a flavor...

The plugins are coded from scratch where I have not used any existing
VST platform tools.

The Linux version uses Xlib and the only problem I got with it
in reaper is that when you close the GUI you will get a "Gdk-WARNING gdk_window_set_user_time called on non-toplevel" . It is caused by XcreateImage() where I guess it has something to do with me just using Xlib and not gdk where it is because it is not a gdk composite declared window?!

The window versions were compiled inside win10 running in a VirtualBox under Linux Ubuntu 18.0 using Visual Studio Community.

I made the graphics using Blender 2.79. (such a nice program...)

A little video where you can get a clue of some functions in the toolbar: (I will make more complete stuff when I get all the code stuff together..)

So if you want to test it out (at your own risk of course..) then feel free to download it from my dropbox and see if it will enhance your music:

Linux 64bit version (no 32bit at the moment)

Windows 32 bit version

Windows 64bit version

Any feedback would be nice.

I wouldn't be concerned about the "Gdk-WARNING gdk_window_set_user_time called on non-toplevel".

The plugin seems pretty good to me.

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