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Originally Posted by Dimaension X View Post
Here's a great video about mastering that helped my sound immensely.

The vsts in the vid are FREE downloads.

I also had a lot of that volume "flutter" in some of my older songs. It was the compressor in the Master FX chain "breathing" too hard, causing the overall sound to fluctuate with the hardest hitting sounds. This guy's mastering chain is very effective, yet still "transparent" - you don't FEEL the compressor working, it just does the job of leveling out the high and slow spots.

BTW - I like your tunes a lot - thematically they remind me a bit of Mithras (spacey metal), but your sound is different than theirs.
Thanks man that's a pretty helpful video, I think I'll give those plugins a try. Yeah it's always good to go back and re-learn certain things. Unfortunately due to my inconsistency with mixing it's hard for me to retain information because I sometimes go years without practice. So it's like I'm starting over every time I try to mix something lol.

I've heard of Mithras but never listened to their music, I'll have to check them out.

Cool music on your channel by the way, really dig the synths has a bit of an 80's vibe. The production is really clear too.

Thanks again!
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