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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
I've spent more time with the 1295 than the others, but they're all really good. Automating peak reduction and gain parameters within the plugin itself via the envelope (and changing the attack/release/strength of that automation) makes this the best sound-shaping compressor I've used.

Pocket Limiter is also something I immediately recognize as welcome in my VST folders. And the other two compressors/limiters will get use too.
You can do some very cool stuff with the built-in envelopes.

I saw a little lighter CPU use with Pocket Limiter than with the TLs-3113, so in projects that are getting taxed that guy might be the straw that repairs the camel's back.

That said, the fact that the TLs-3113 is a "Linux Exclusive" plugin, and that it has an easier to read meter (more like the DBX hardware units I've owned) makes me gravitate more to it in general.
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