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Originally Posted by dldoodler View Post
Nice to hear that stuff is working out.

I finally got myself going on a bit larger project so this is what I am currently working on:

It will not be a "One drum plugin to rule them all".. instead just a digital
version of my personal Sonor Hilite Exclusive red maple kit.

Under the hood I got my own lossless compression algorithm that can get the
samples down to a third where the hope is to get a VST plugin with the size
of ca 50mb with full set of 24bit/44.1khz multisampled drums.

It will take a while and I am that kind of programmer that do stuff from scratch so I just managed to convert the filebrowser section in my GUI engine to native Linux.... and then it is just the rest...

So the VSTi will be a hybrid of old "rack module" style and more modern where I will use the file browser section to toggle different editor screens.

Programming is fun....

Can't wait to try it! I have both Superior Drummer and EZ-Drummer working in Linux, but they run in WINE and are bridged.

I mostly record real acoustic drums in my projects these days, but I use Superior as my metronome on every project, and on some occasions as the final drums.
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