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the planned-obsolescence has gotten too extreme lately.

I went to the local library to work on a couple business documents I wrote on my home mac. the library mac wouldn't open the Pages or Numbers docs: "newer version of app is needed to open document."

that is total nonsense obsolescence. The library mac's are only 1 generation behind the current version (prior os, prior os's apps). what could have possibly improved so much in Pages or Numbers to mandate that new documents can't be opened with older software versions. Of course when saving data there is no option offered for what format to save the file as. There is only one option: "The" document type.

iMovie also had a similar recent switchover except worse. iMovie has always been horrible because it forces media to be converted into iMovie-only format which takes tons of storage space and locks the media inside an apple-only container. Now the iMovie app won't be able to open fairly recent iMovie libraries or some type of compatibility nonsense. is offline   Reply With Quote