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Default (SOLVED) Reaper + Mac + Tascam 16x08

Longtime Reaper user, setting up a new studio, working with a Mac for the first time. We’re using a Tascam 16x08 interface, which I’ve used with Reaper on Windows for years with no issues. On this Mac, it is fully functional in the Tascam Settings Panel and in Ableton, no issues with input or output. However, in Reaper the output works fine but I can’t get any audio input. Midi instruments will play through the monitors, which are routed through the interface, but none of the inputs will produce any signal.

Furthermore, we tried plugging it in to a Windows laptop running Reaper, and were immediately able to get input. On Windows, there are many more options under the “Devices” tab in preferences, including “Device Type” (ASIO) and selections of how many inputs/outputs to enable. Is there something we’re missing on Mac? Maybe a different way to enable inputs? Totally stumped here and immensely frustrated.

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