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Default Hidden tracks and daw controller issues - faders and selection


I'm running into an issue that is many times preventing me from taking full advantage of my Panorama P6 keyboard and controller, specifically the faders and the track selection buttons. Reaper has a function where you can "hide" a specific track or tracks from the editing window, the mixer window, or both. I use that function while mixing because it allows me to duplicate a track I thought I was happy with, apply different processing and see what fits best the song; or, for example, if I got some drums tracks and didn't like the snare, I can duplicate the snare, apply drum replacement to one of the tracks plus more processing and see what that sounds like. I then "hide" the track I won't be using because I don't want to see it, but I don't want to get rid of it either in case I and/or the client later decide it's best to go back to the original track or try the replacements again.

Here is where the faders become almost useless: the Panorama P6 fader selection will still see and work with the hidden tracks. So, in one of my latest projects, I replaced the snare of a song with a sampled snare, so I ended up with several tracks I did not want to see any longer but didn't want to erase either: an original snare track, under snare, an extra track I created for parallel processing, and the buss where these 3 snare items were sent to. Now, if I want to go to a specific fader bank of 8 tracks using the Panorama Go To Bank tool, I have to take into account those 4 tracks. Same goes for any other tracks I may have hidden, and the track selection buttons aren't any strangers to the issues.

Is anybody having any similar issue with their fader controllers? Is there any way you know of to avoid this behavior? I would love to keep using the faders, but honestly this way it almost renders the Panorama useless as a mixing tool =(
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