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Originally Posted by 4duhwinnn View Post
a heads-up: this coupon can be used repeatedly, no restrictions
beyond your wallet or plastic. Sort of a lucky break for us customers,
as U-he email provider was having issues, apparently ea$ier to just
let people have at it, than babysit the buyers...
Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
That obviously is true.

But unfortunately the work that needs to be done to create a decent Linux version of Kontakt is by far too huge to fit that paradigm.

And the availability of Kontakt obviously is a mission critical issue for Linux to get accepted in the DAW world.

(Of course this needs to support allowing to use all (payed and free) 3rd party Kontakt libraries. I suppose this would require not to do a Kontakt workalike, but to do a dedicated "out of the box" usable Linux wrapper for Kontakt and Native Access.)

The context you refer to had nothing to do with Kontakt,
just that the email issues making the 'normal'
U-he coupon management were 'not worth the trouble',
this time around. Hope people will find some soundsets,
instruments, and effects, to enhance their productions.

As for Kontakt, wine and linvst devs, are making it easier
for linux users to successfully install and register
Native Instruments products in general.
I will test the wine-staging 4.15 soon,
which might further improve things, based on a non-coding laymans
glance at the changelog.

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