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Originally Posted by JohnnyMusic View Post
This is really cool,
I may try a mix in the near future. (working on some other stuff right now that is keeping me busy).

I did read over the rules page.
Just a few questions to clarify:
-If it is a reaper plugs only mix, is that any jsfx or reaplug that is including in the most recent version of reaper?
-Can I hear the song somewhere before downloading the entire project, to see if I want to mix it or do I have to download the whole thing to audition it?
-Should it be "mastered" or just to have it at -14 LUFS is the only requirement there?
Question 1: Yes
Question 2: Sort of. If you google the name of the song and the artist you're gonna find it, but I usually don't provide a reference to the original mix.
Question 3: Mastered but -14 LUFS is the only mandatory requirement.
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