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Hi Geoff Waddington,

I abandoned the idea for a bit while I took care of other business, but trying to get back into this. I did not understand what you were asking from me. I reached out to Nektar and they decline to provide that information, but say that this issue is inherent to Reaper and not part of their infrastructure. I do not know how to access that, though I see I have access to menus within the keyboard, and it does have a screen that gives me some visual feedback.

I am on Windows 10, and I finally got to where this starts to work: took me a while to realized I have to "add" it to the control surface list, and while setting up the pages and surfaces, the settings page is cut off and I can only see the top edge of the buttons such as Add, Edit, Remove, etc. I fooled a bit with it, just minutes to be honest, and I got to a point where selecting tracks seemed to play a piano note while there were no virtual instruments anywhere in the project. I am sorry, I am very lost. Is there a beginners' resource? I've scrolled through many pages in the forum page but everyone seems like they know what's going on from the get-go, I have no clue what I'm doing. I just know my problem persists: hidden tracks are not ignored by my track selections on my Panorama, and I just realized, fader moves are ignored in those hidden tracks. If I hide, say, track 3, and then move fader 3, then when un-hidding it, it will appear at 0db while the physical fader is elsewhere. So there is something wonky going on.

I appreciate all your effort on this. I saw your video switching through tracks demoing your controllers, and that's what I want for my life!
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