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Default JS MIDI Note Preview

UPDATED 10/28/2008
Added MIDI Channel selection - click and drag same as note number to change

UPDATED 10/27/2008
Fixed up the interface, cleaned up the code some. To change note number just click and drag up or down on the note number. Hold down the CTRL key while dragging to change the number value by increments of 5.

I should also mention that in order for this to work, the Reasamplomatic instances need to have the "obey MIDI note off" option unchecked.
================================================== ========

Here's a little quick-and-dirty plugin I made so that I can preview the drum sounds already loaded when I load my drum template tracks. I have a feature request in for preview capability in Reasamplomatic, this is just to work around it for now.

This is meant to be used on a track with the drum sounds already loaded into multiple instances of Resamplomatic (and sending on all MIDI channels). It works best if you name the instances of Reasamplomatic with a number corresponding to the pad number and then the instrument name. Set up the MIDI note for the pads with the sliders. Once you've set it up and saved it into a track template, you're good to go. Just click on the pads (squares) to preview the sounds.

get it at:

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