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i like to write original songs/sing in lots of different styles.
one minute a sloppy love song, the next a heavy rock song.
or a daft comedy or a punk song. its all fun to me.
one minute i might do a crooner vocal, the next a dirty rock
huge fan of the old classic rock songs and the shadows n all the brit groups of the 60's.
and many usa n cdn n other country classic rok groups.
too many to list.

only thing i dont like is chamber music.
gershwin fan.
some have accused me of being too melodic orientated.
but i am what i am , no apologies.
i like melodies in songs n hooks.
always searching for hooks n sound pictures n melodies.
never short of song ideas//lyrics.
the problem is finding the time to produce em properly n
get the sound pictures i hear in my head.

once owned a pretty decent 2 inch studio.
but sold it off due to other family commitments.
thus now dont have a fancy gear list.
so i like to dabble with diy mic pre's etc.

all told written several hundred original songs over the decades.
in last 2 yrs done lots of songs with another very nice reaper user.
album n ep n other songs. which i hope will continue in the new year
after xmas break.
in summary mainly a songwriter/arranger/lyrics/vocals.
saddens me i didnt have todays technology decades ago when i was struggling with
a couple of cassette
i'm a typical brit (from london uk born). i hope. straight shooter no bs type.

if i dont have other commitments at the time,
if someone needs em , will do vocs/arrange/lyrics on songs.
(pm me.)
then will send a test run to the requestor for feedback or

would like to be in contact with people who can do live drums. (my bane.)
plus orchestral instruments.
happy new year.
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