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Does this look familiar?

Bastiaan M:


plush2 (Making Me Nervous w/o looped items):

At the moment it works like this: I've written a small app that converts OMF files into a SQLite database which can be opened with Reaper afterwards. The converter is still Linux-only because it makes heavy use of POSIX-specific stuff like memory mapping but I'm going to set up MinGW or something to create a Windows executable that'll be launched automatically from within Reaper so everything works seamlessly.

Looks like I have to re-write the converter almost from scratch if I want to make it a single Extension DLL without additional files but that's actually a good way to get rid of the last pieces of the GPL code I based it on.

The import plugin still needs some fine-tuning, the volume values don't look right (could anyone open the sample files in another host and report the right values?) and I have no idea yet how panning information is stored. I'm not going to implement OMF1 since it's way too different from OMF2 and I also haven't had much success regarding endianness conversion - I don't think it's important anyway.

The big question is, do we need OMF export? OMF is a legacy format and we're already able to export projects to other hosts using stem rendering, so I doubt it's worth the work. Maybe AAF export makes more sense.
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