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Hey 404NotFound, I just want to thank you for your work on OMF support in REAPER! This is really exciting to be able to transfer projects between OMF compatible DAW's.!

Now on to some OMF results using SONAR 8.3.1:

I exported an (11) audio track 16/44 project (about 3 minutes long) from SONAR 8 using it's Export to OMF2 format. The resulting embedded OMF2 file ending up being about 300MB's.

I then added your reaper_omf.dll (the latest beta2 version) to REAPER's Plugins folder. Upon opening REAPER I went directly to File|Open Project menu and was greeted by the new OMF format from the dropdown menu and OMF files were now identified as being compatible with REAPER. Woohoo!

I selected the OMF2 file that I had previously created from SONAR and REAPER proceeded to convert it which took a couple minutes. Then lo and behold the project files opened in REAPER just as they were previously in SONAR 8 (keeping all track & clip positions)along with all the track & media files being properly named as well. One media clip even had the proper clip fade which I guess SONAR treated as a destructive edit during the OMF export process, but it faded out properly nonetheless once in REAPER.

This a a great start and I applaud the efforts. I think once you can add the volume & panning info if will be truly fantastic.


Billy Buck

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