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Originally Posted by cc_ View Post
Oh yeah, the other thing that I didn't like about your code (last time I looked) is you have duplicated code at the end of the edit in Cocoa, Carbon and Win that could be in IGraphics.cpp . I have the function IGraphics::SetFromStringAfterPrompt(char *txt) to do that stuff. Actually, I guess that's the code that ended up in your Carbon and Cocoa code.
Actually there is a lot of duplicate code in the IGraphicsWin.cpp, IGraphicsCarbon.cpp, and This could use some cleaning up (move duplicate defines over to IGraphics.h, move some member variables to IGraphics, perhaps even move some code to IGraphics and add a couple of pure virtual methods). However, my original goal was to let the Windows version be, and to make the Carbon and Cocoa verions as much like the Windows version as possible.
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