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Sorry if I got overzealous.

Originally Posted by Tale View Post
I noticed that you have merged all of my changes, which fine by me. But I should perhaps warn you about a couple of changes, because they may break compatibility with existing projects:

8da3756 When state chunks are enabled, use SerializeState() for a patch, and SerializePresets() for a bank.
Before this change SerializeState() was called for both patches and banks.
Yeah, on this maybe there should be a default implementation of () that just calls SerializeState()?


178c4fe Drop JPEG support.
I have completely dropped JPEG support in IPlug, because I only use PNG images.
Yeah, I sort of figured "who uses JPG?" .. maybe it makes sense to have two projects with varying levels of inclusion. Or include the jpeglib files and have them unused and let the linker do the work.


964e261 Customized Xcode project file
Although I have added some useful stuff (macro defines), I have also dropped a bunch of code I don't need (e.g. JPEG stuff), but which others may need.
This is why I included those updates, mostly -- the VST_FORCE_DEPRECATED definitions, etc..

Anyway, I guess I'll do some customization for our tree relating to the JPEG support.

Edit: OK, I've updated our next tree with JPEG support returned, but keeping the other project edits. So now we just need to find a good backwards compatible way of handling SerializePresets() and we should be good, eh?

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