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OK now I think about a year back 'we' discussed something like this and like many threads it's there in 'somewhere land'... so:

This is about the filter manily or some additon to it...

Right now, you can only set it to filter for a given note value, like C3, or G4... so you only get to see all the C notes ONLY in one octave...

What I would dearly love to see, is a filter that would let you pick any note[s]in any octave[s] as what you see.

So you could set up to see, C2, C3, G3,D4,A5,G7...etc. and IF you could do that then you could also invert that selection to see whatever else is outside of that selection.

How would it look? Well ya got 12 notes and what, 9-10 octaves [or so]
so it could easily have a matrix of octaves stacked as columns from the bottom up with notes after each octave as a row.

Now if that existed, perhaps there could even be save-able presets for it... simple idea: all C maj notes in X octaves...

Seeing as how the midi named notes are really midi numbers, I don't see why this could not be done... Me and Xoenchz did something like it in the freebie, XZ-Midi Filter VST, but we just used a GUI keyboard... [and that would really be nice as a filter]

Think about how handy this could be...

OK... your thoughts?
...should be fixed for the next build...
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