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Default re Gradual Transitions

This is a great feature to have available and one I've been using a lot since I recently found it, but I feel that working with it could be more intuitive.

I might ponder some kind of script called "createaccelorrit", which could perhaps convert the selected envelope point to start the gradual transition, then give you the option to snap back to the original tempo (by finding the next point and sticking another one just after it with the initial value). Crudely represented, the envelope result would be a change from
_.-._ to _./:_ (for an accel)

Incidentally, accels and rits (that's an abbreviation, because I don't want to stir up stuff recently seen on another thread) are used more often than you'd think, even in rigidly to-the-bpm music. A common approach is a very subtle (possibly only psychologically detectable) accel as a section gets more exciting, then a snap back to the base tempo.

Add to that a dash of event humanisation (again very subtle) and the music starts to feel much more emotionally coherent and natural.

I've found the trick with these approaches is to dial them up until you can obviously actually hear them, them pull back just enough that you feel the effect, rather than hear the changes.

Of course, in some styles you may want it to sound tight to the tempo...
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