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The way I macro out plosives is to use the Resources slots in the SWS Extensions menu to save a chain in the slot and then pull it up with the action "Resources-FX chain to selected items slot X". I don't think there's any way to pull up a preset without saving it as a chain and using the chain, but I could be wrong.
You just need to put it after a splitting action and make it one custom macro. If you search in the action window for 'split' you'll find several and you can highlight an area and have it split on both sides using one (can't remember which but it's in there : ) )

As far as keeping the focus in order to change the freq, what I do is have a lineup of macros next to each other (steep hi pass at 120, gentle drop from 200, etc) and if it doesn't do what I want, hitting undo then brings up the plugin window for tweaking. So the window isn't in focus every time but one stroke brings it up.
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